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OCV, LLC. is one of the leaders in mobile app development for law enforcement, public safety, emergency management and public health agencies for over nine years. Our custom apps for iPhone and Android devices help public safety organizations reach their citizens where they are: their smartphones.

OCV, LLC. will help your organization brand itself as innovative leaders in public safety within your community and provide easy access to important information to your citizens. Simply select what type of organization you are to find out more about what an app can do for your community.

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"If you’re not keeping up with social media, smartphone apps, technology in general, you are going to fall behind and you’re going to regret it. Especially for law enforcement agencies nowadays, we’re seeing that it is so important to get public information out and to do so efficiently. A smartphone app is the perfect way to do that."

Corey Dobridnia
PIO, Walton County, FL Sheriff's Office

"We look at both [the app and website] as an opportunity to reach out directly to community members. During the information age, these are a must!"

Sheriff Michael Adkinson Jr.
President, Florida Sheriffs' Association
Walton County, FL Sheriff's Office

"We knew the time was right to implement this technology so we can reach our citizens where they are - their smartphones."

Sheriff Larry Smith
Sergeant-at-Arms, Sheriffs' Association of Texas
Smith County, Texas Sheriff's Office

"Because of TheSheriffApp.com, we are able to pass along information about our office to the community at the push of a button."

Sheriff Timothy Parker
Hillsdale County, Michigan Sheriff's Office

"The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office mobile app is one of the best investments we’ve made to help maintain communication with our citizens. If you are a forward looking, community oriented law enforcement agency and you want to make a huge impact, you need to get a custom app."

Sheriff Derrick Cunningham
Montgomery County, AL Sheriff’s Office

"The Berks County Sheriff's Office prides itself on providing timely and updated information to the public, and the app allows us to get that information to the public in the most efficient and effective manner possible."

Sheriff Eric Weaknecht
Berks County, PA Sheriff’s Office

"Going with TheSheriffApp.com has been a very good move for us as an agency. It allows for a direct link to our citizens that we do not have with any other communications source we use. We can reach directly out to them, and they can reach us directly as well, a win-win for everyone."

Sheriff Rick Ramsay
Monroe County, FL Sheriff’s Office

"We have created this new mobile app as a service to our community. Our goal is to engage the public to be our partners in the public safety, to make Queen Anne’s County a safe and enjoyable place to live, work and visit."

Sheriff Gary Hofmann
Queen Anne’s County, MD Sheriff’s Office

"We know that people expect information readily available at their fingertips so we decided it was time to look at the development of an app. It will be a great way for us to get important information to our citizens as quickly as possible."

Sheriff Matt Sanderson
Hopkins County, KY Sheriff’s Office

"Our goal in launching this app was to keep the public aware and informed. Since its launch, we have been able to engage the community regarding issues of public safety and share news and events. It has also enabled us to empower the community to be the eyes and ears of the sheriff’s office and facilitate reporting of crime and safety issues across the county."

Sheriff James R. Voutour
Niagara County, NY Sheriff’s Office

Our Portfolio

With over nine years of experience serving public safety agencies, OCV, LLC. has developed over 500 custom mobile apps and proudly serves over 40 states and Canada.